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With over 70 years combined service, founding partners Robert Lewin and Garret Olson proudly served their communities during times of extreme crisis. They bring their unique executive leadership talents together with a focus on continuing their driving passion and mission of service. Both served in positions of emergency response, command and control, and organizational executive leadership.

Lewin and Olson continue to contribute beyond their formal fire service careers because their passion for service continues to burn brightly. 

Private and public partnerships have been integral to our shared success in protecting our communities, and we have the perspective and aptitude for creating synergy and delivering results. We understand that is no longer feasible to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters without bringing together the collective talents across government, business, and academia. 

Socially, economically, and environmentally, our nation is at a pivotal moment which demands deliberate analysis, planning, and leadership.

We seek this opportunity to leverage our talents and passion to help move organizations forward in their readiness and resiliency to successfully navigate our ever-changing community landscape.

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